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2015-03-21 14.29.40 IMG_0626 IMG_2060 390378_10150457235145995_516125994_8926431_733046411_n 2014-01-26 09.40.37 390378_10150457235145995_516125994_8926431_733046411_n IMG00760-20110930-1411 310553_10150354013365995_516125994_8552700_2065363459_n 393665_10150361877410995_516125994_8579782_531535044_n.jpg cropped-390986_10150373497070995_516125994_8618413_401789843_n.jpgThien Phuoc House for Handicapped kids

2015-03-21 14.29.40 IMG_2060


New sewage work
New sewage pipe
Soccer with the boys at 6.30 a.m. and 33 degrees Celsius
lock down Christmas at Sun Light House overseen by ms Than

Christmas in lock down at Sunlight House

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