The Julia Kids Foundation aims to give children with a disadvantage a fair chance.

The Julia kids foundation  is a way of giving something back for having daughter Julia who has Down syndrome and gives us something extra, a gift to us. As parents, and as a sister, Coco, Rena and I are lucky. We felt obligated to do something back for children who are born with lesser circumstances or support.

With your help the kids in Thien Phuoc house for handicapped kids and in Sunlight House for street kids in Saigon get support and a start in life.

Our main project is to support the Sunlight Kids house for boys in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)  in Vietnam. Sunlight houses 24 boys who for various reasons have no home. The boys range in ages 4 – 18. Julia Kids Foundation enusres Sunlight House is funded on a yearly basis. Please join our effort. Sunlight is one of 5 houses which is sponsored from the Netherlands.

The boys are typically picked off the street by the police and if there is space, can be housed in Sunlight. They are provided with medical care, dental care, food and clothing. All boys are enrolled in a local school.

The money is transferred directly to Sunlight House and other than bare minimum administrative costs all monies benefit the boys. It is an extremely direct way of doing something good for the world. The house is locally managed by the Women’s Charity Organization of Ho Chi Minh City (W.O.C.A.)

A second project, also on Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) is to support Thien Phuoc House for handicapped kids. It was originally founded to support victims of Agent Orange. Today it houses more than 60 kids, many of whom are severely handicapped. All kids need to be washed, fed, and exercised through physical therapy every day. The house is run by Sister Le Kim Chi and run by her and her nurses. They all work 12 hours per day, seven days per week. With a smile!

If you want to join our effort, please send a mail to juliakidsfoundation@gmail.com


Coco AndredelaPorte


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